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Firth Lab showcased in “Artist & Researcher” exhibition

What happens when you pair 14 artists with 14 USC biomedical researchers? The answer is currently on display at the Hoyt Gallery on the Health Sciences Campus of the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

The exhibition “Artist & Researcher” showcases the results of these creative collaborations. Barbara Kolo’s abstract representation of the kidney hangs beside one of the images from the laboratory of Andy McMahon that inspired the work. Andrea Bogdan’s vivid series of colorful glass panels depicts a special type of cartilage cell that plays a vital role in repairing bone injuries, according to recent research from the laboratory of Francesca Mariani. Cybele Rowe’s smooth white sculpture, entitled “Tau,” evokes proteins that can malfunction in the brain, along with less tangible aspects of Alzheimer’s disease, studied by the laboratory of Tiffany Chow. Other artworks focus on research about diseases ranging from melanoma to multiple sclerosis.

“There may be some ways that artists can capture what we’re doing that we, as scientists, are not able to explain to the public,” said Amy Firth, assistant professor of medicine, and stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, who was paired with artist Zeina Baltagi.

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