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Amy Ryan (Firth) publishes in Cell Stem Cell

Amy Ryan (Firth) has published a new article—”Intermittent reprogramming: A breath of fresh air for lung regeneration”—in Cell Stem Cell. Read the full article at

Amy Firth received 2017 RCMB Carol Basbaum Award

Amy Firth received the RCMB Carol Basbaum Award on May 22, 2017. The Assembly on Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology (RCMB) established the award in recognition of outstanding scientific achievement and leadership potential to a junior investigator in the field.

USC’s stem cell scientists secure the dollars to fight disease

The price of progress is not only the energy and talent of stem cell scientists, but also the research dollars that support their discoveries. In recent months, faculty members have secured numerous grants to support stem cell-based approaches to study […]

Firth Lab showcased in “Artist & Researcher” exhibition

What happens when you pair 14 artists with 14 USC biomedical researchers? The answer is currently on display at the Hoyt Gallery on the Health Sciences Campus of the Keck School of Medicine of USC. The exhibition “Artist & Researcher” […]

Amy Firth named finalist for the British Council’s 2017 Alumni Awards

As a USC Stem Cell scientist studying lung disease, Amy Firth has done her alma mater proud. An alumna of the University of Bath, Firth has earned a coveted place as a finalist for the 2017 Alumni Awards from the […]

What I’m reading: Amy Firth shares a top pick

Amy Firth: To understand organ development, maintenance and repair, and to model disease, tissue engineering can enable unique experimental approaches. In a recent study in the journal Biomaterials, Daniel Tschumerplin’s laboratory at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, grew a […]

Amy Firth joins editorial board of the American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology

Amy Firth joins the editorial board of the American Journal of Physiology: Cell Physiology. To read more, visit

Amy Firth quoted in the San Diego Union Tribune

Amy Firth offered an expert opinion in the San Diego Union Tribune article “Experiments on mice suggest aging can be reversed.”

What I’m Reading: Amy Firth offers a top pick

Cells regulate their gene activity and differentiation by “methylating” DNA—adding carbon and hydrogen atoms to modify the DNA code. In a recent Cell publication, researchers from the Jaenisch laboratory used a precise DNA recognition system, CRISPR/Cas9, to remove or add […]

Amy Firth featured in The Atlantic’s article about organoids

Amy Firth is featured in The Atlantic’s article about organoids. To read the article, visit